Sunday, August 9, 2009

Konya, Kimi ni Ai ni Iku

Alternative Name: 今夜、君に会いにいく今夜你属于我今晚、我会去见你
Years of Released: 2008
Status: English Scan Online (none) / Raw (2 volumes complete)
Author(s): KAORI
Genre(s): Romance, Shoujo

Yorika is in the middle of chasing her super duper beloved Shiiba-senpai. Seeing him every day takes her to her happy place, but her father suddenly has to transfer overseas! No--! Not being able to see Shiiba-senpai everyday is not possible for Yorika. She uses the internet to find a room to rent, but just when she believes that the problem is settled, the person she is supposed to live under the same roof with is... somehow extremely cool, but... it's a boy!

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greenie18 said...

where can i read this manga ? i think this manga is really great ! i hope i can read this one !

Bebe©Xiu said...

u can read chinese raw....but the english scan is not avaible.

moniku said...

In mangafox and mangareader too? you can't read the manga there? aw.. T.T

Anonymous said...

you can read it on mangareader and mangafox in english. it was so good. cant wait till the next chapters.

Anonymous said...

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