Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stardust★Wink [Chapters 12-15]

Summarized by: Tatsukida

Chapter 12: At the roof, Anna tells her friends about what she heard from Mochiduki. Her friends ask if that means that they have the same feeling for each other. Princess congratulates Anna and asks her when she is going to confess. Anna says no, about that.. Ryuu tells her not to say that she plans on waiting for Hinata to be the one who’ll confess to her. Ryuu advises her to quickly confess and not to be complacent just because their feelings are mutual since it might not go smoothly. Anna exclaims that it isn’t that. She tells them that even if Mochiduki told her that Hinata said, ‘I’m basically not her prospective as a lover’, he didn’t mention her name. She always said that ‘a childhood friend isn’t her prospective lover’ but that doesn’t mean that they mutually like each other. Ryuu tells her to stop and just say what’s really in her heart. Pinching her face, Ryuu says that Anna is pretending to be modest because she feels that if she is overjoyed about the fact that Hinata likes her then it will make the others around her [like Mochiduki] unhappy. Anna is aghast that she apologizes. Ryuu tells her to now say what she truly feels. Anna blushes and asks if she can be happy about this. The school bell rings. Ryuu says that it is okay since she showed a more honest expression and Anna is the one who caused trouble herself by trying to fall for guys outside her circle. Princess agrees with her. As they head to class, Ryuu reminds Anna not to be overly happy that she forgot to study. Princess mentions about the continuation of the one-on-one interview [with the teacher] today. In class, Anna couldn’t stop smiling by herself because she’s too happy over the possibility that her feeling for Hinata is mutual. The truth is, she still couldn’t believe it and she wanted to confirm it. She wants to hear Hinata himself telling her that he likes her. Anna is giddy over her imagination that Hinata is confessing to her. Ryuu is just puzzled by her behavior.

Someone comes in and shouts that morning meeting is starting. A student asks Mari where that old ‘Shinrou’ is. Mari corrects her that it is ‘Shinoda’. She tells them that Shinoda-sensei got a cold and even if it isn’t contagious but to be sure, s/he took a leave [for today] and probably tomorrow, too in order to be sure. The students are rejoicing that they will just have self-study [language subject] and the interview will be extended. Mari tells the students to quiet down and even if they will have self-study, but as the vice-homeroom teacher, she will continue with the interviews. Anna thinks that it is too noisy. It doesn’t matter to her about that self-study or interview but then, she will be happy if it is just self-study. She thinks that right now, compared to that, she has an even more important problem/question in mind. Anna then looks surprised and asks Ryuu if Mari is their vice-homeroom teacher. Ryuu tells her that she better remember that. The school bell rings again. Ryuu tells Anna and Princess that she has an interview so they can go ahead. Anna asks won’t she be waiting too long and won’t it be boring if she’s alone. Ryuu says that it is alright since she is number two according to the register book. Princess says, then, they’ll go ahead. Princess tells Anna that she would want to go to the library first because her book is due. It is fine by Anna. At the library, they meet with Mochiduki. Mochiduki happily greets them and asks if they are going home. Princess tells her that she is going to return a book then afterwards, they are going home. Anna asks what about Mochiduki. Mochiduki tells them that she is just going to get some drawing books for data then she’ll head back to the club for an activity. While Mochiduki is at the book shelves, Princess asks if Mochiduki is together with Hinata in the art club. She comments that Mochiduki is really brave that she can still be in the same club with someone who rejected her. Anna tells her to speak softly. Princess asks if there are only the two of them in that club and if it is her, she absolutely will not go there anymore. She comments that Mochiduki is really strong. Anna says that rather than strong, Mochiduki is an active person [like pursue her goals] and if she is to be compared to Mochiduki, she is a good-for-nothing person. Princess asks, “Miss Good-for-Nothing, in the end, are you going to confess or aren’t you?” Flustered Anna says that she wants to confirm it before confessing. She is truly a good-for-nothing but she couldn’t just ask directly. “So, I decided to write a letter.”

In her room, she wrote a note, “To Hinata Who is the one you like? From Anna.” Anna thinks that it is too straightforward and she should rewrite it. The door suddenly opens and it is Sou who says that it is quite rare to see her studying. She quickly covers the note and exclaims what he is doing for suddenly barging in someone’s room like that. Sou tells her that he did knock the door. Sou asks her about the game he lent her. He wants to play it so he wants it back. Anna tells him that she hasn’t played it yet so could he lend it to her for a few more days. The note falls on the floor. Anna notices that Sou is looking on the floor. To her shock, he is looking at the note. She quickly picks it up and asks him if he has seen it. Sou says of course, he did even if it is for a glance and there is only one sentence in it. While Anna is totally stunned shock, Sou takes the paper and says that since that is the case, he’s going to confiscate it. Sou reads it while Anna tries to ask him to give it back. Anna is surprised when Sou tears the note into pieces. “You are forbidden to investigate into who Hinata likes.” Anna mutters that she couldn’t believe it. She grabs his shirt and angrily exclaims what he has done. Sou says that in any event, she’s going to throw it anyway. Anna exclaims that isn’t the question. “What do you mean by forbidden!? It has nothing to do with you..” Sou tells her that even if it is has nothing to do with him, it is still forbidden. “This is an order, you are absolutely not allowed to ask.” In school, while sweeping outside, Princess tells Anna that it has something to do with Sou. When Anna asks why, she asks if she has forgotten that Sou has confessed to her. Anna looks surprised then blushes. She says that even if she wants to, she couldn’t forget about it. Even if they went steady, they quickly broke up and right now, there is nothing.. Ryuu tells her that a break up is a break up but it doesn’t mean that if one breaks up, one doesn’t like the other anymore. It isn’t that simple.

Ryuu explains that the three of them are childhood friends and has been getting along with each other until now. It is natural for Anna to like Hinata and there is a possibility that he also likes her. Even if it doesn’t seem to concern Sou but she shouldn’t handle this in a way as if Sou doesn’t like her anymore. “I’m saying this in order for you to not think too much of yourself. You should at least properly think on how to progress your plan, right?” In the library, Anna sits while looking at the note with the words, “To Hinata” After remembering Sou saying ‘sure, no problem’ and the three of them together eating, she sadly says out loud that she should forget about confirming it. She is surprised when Mochiduki asks her what she meant by ‘forget about’ Anna backs away in shock. Mochiduki asks if she is alone today and if today is Anna’s interview day. Anna says that it is and she’s currently waiting for her turn. Anna happily asks that Mochiduki shouldn’t have an interview today. Mochiduki says yes and she is currently doing research then she’ll return to the club. Anna asks if today, too for wasn’t she doing that yesterday and could it be that she wasn’t able to find what she’s looking for. There is a silence that made Anna wonder if she asked something that shouldn’t be asked. Mochiduki laughs and says that it seems that it is a bit unnatural. Anna realizes that Mochiduki doesn’t want to go to the club activity. If she thinks about it carefully, the club adviser, Mari is doing interviews so she can only go to the club at a later time. Mochiduki doesn’t want to be alone with Hinata. “So, it seems that Mochiduki-classmate is still depressed but then, that is inevitable. If that is it, then why didn’t she just quit the club? Why would she specially..” Anna remembers Ryuu telling her that just because one breaks up, one doesn’t like the other anymore and it isn’t that simple. Anna slams the table and thinks that even if that happened, Mochiduki still wants to see him. Anna tells Mochiduki that she has thought of something that she has to do so she’ll go ahead. While running off, Anna thinks that regarding what Mochiduki told her at the park, what Mochiduki could be feeling/thinking then. “I, who am not involved, couldn’t have understood it. Even if I couldn’t understand, I won’t let her intention goes to waste. I should tell Hinata my feelings--”

Nearing the staircase, she is surprised to see Hinata. She exclaims that she thought he is in the art room. Hinata says that he has used up his art materials so he is looking for Sou to borrow some. Hinata asks if she has an interview. Anna says yes. Hinata wishes her luck then says goodbye. Anna exclaims that she has something to tell him. She then screams as she falls down on the floor. Hinata asks what she is doing. Anna says she tripped. Hinata pulls her up and asks what she wanted to tell him. Anna blushes as he holds her hand. Anna says that it is about the one she likes. Still holding her hand, Hinata leans closer to her and says, “Who, I want to know.” Then, a couple of girls see them. They start screaming about those two being an item. [I think since it is blurry-small] Anna says that it seems that they were misunderstood. Hinata says, ya. Anna says that she will now be questioned with, “Between Hinata and Sou, whom are you going steady with.” Hinata says yes and honestly, it doesn’t matter. Anna is flustered-surprise as she wonders it could mean that it doesn’t matter if it is misunderstood that she is going steady with him. Hinata says, “Setting that matter aside, let’s continue with the question earlier. Do you like someone?” Anna gulps and says, “The..the one I like is..” Unfortunately, they were interrupted by Mari who calls out to Anna that it is now her turn for the interview and wasn’t she suppose to wait at the library. Anna apologizes. Hinata just looks at Mari’s direction. Mari asks about Hinata’s club activity. Anna is surprised when Hinata suddenly let his hand go from holding Anna’s hand. Hinata tells Mari that he’ll go back to do it for he is going to borrow some art materials. Mari apologizes and says that she might be late in coming to the art room so he doesn’t have to wait for her. Hinata says, “No, I’ll wait.” Still holding her hand that Hinata abruptly let go, Anna thinks, “Suddenly, shook off my hand, I felt that I’ve understood the meaning of that action.” Mari tells Anna that they should go. Mari starts going upstairs. Remembering what Mochiduki said regarding what Hinata told her, Anna thinks, “Yes, I did say that ‘childhood friends aren’t prospective lovers’ but..” Anna mutters, “For teachers, students aren’t their prospective lovers, right? Are you thinking that?” Hinata looks at her in surprise. Mari calls out to Anna again so Anna just walks away from Hinata.

Chapter 13: This chapter marks the first year anniversary of the series ^^ Narration: “Even if I couldn’t shout it out loud..no, at least I should let it out of my chest..I THOUGHT THAT THE PERSON HINATA LIKES IS ME, BUT IN THE END, I REALIZED THAT IT IS TRULY JUST A MISUNDERSTANDING. I’M REALLY IN SHOCK RIGHT NOW! I’m really embarrassed..if there is a cave around, I really would want to go inside it..no, if there is a cave around, I’ll just go in, trip down and die..but” In the faculty room, looking at a form, Mari narrates Anna’s three choices of high school where she would want to go to. The first one is Seijo [星条], the second one is Harue [春榮] and the third is Higa..[ 東..] Mari says that Anna’s grades isn’t that good so what is the reason why she chose that third school. Anna is speechless and looks ‘ugh’ as she thinks that right now, she is being interviewed by the one Hinata truly likes. Looking away, Anna says, “That-- the reason..that is..” Mari leans toward her and asks if she can talk a bit louder. Anna then thinks that Mari smells something nice. “Is it shampoo? No, it should be perfume. It’s obviously summer yet she isn’t perspiring. Her skin looks fresh, cool and clean...in contrast to me. (She is sweaty from running out the library to where she found Hinata) Someone please come and kill me-!!! If that is impossible, at least, get me go home quick!” Anna is in anguish that Mari asks if something is bothering her and she can just tell her all about it. Anna darkly tells her no, there is no special reason and she just wrote it according to the sequence of the names of the high schools that she thinks she can enter so she really didn’t think about it. She said that, really fast because she hopes to end this interview quickly. Mari tells her not to deal with it that way and she should properly think about it. Anna thinks, “Deal with? It is indeed very ‘forced’ but this is the simplest way to choose, and how everyone determine [/fill up] their ‘aspiration*’ [forms].” [*what to do in the future after graduation/future studies] Mari asks Anna if she talked about her aspiration with Hinata for his aspiration is drawn up really well. Scowling, Anna thinks, “Ha? I won’t talk with Hinata about this and why is she mentioning about Hinata at this time? Is it to show [me] that their relationship is that good? Is it to show off to me? Uh oh, I really hate this woman now. I’m really a good-for-nothing but, I can no longer endure this!” Anna stands up and says that she understands, she’ll re-think about it so today, she’s going home first. Mari tries to tell her to wait but Anna has already left. She closes the door. A couple of guys pass by and talk about their recently ended interview. Anna is teary-eyed. She wipes her tears.

During swimming class, Anna’s friend exclaims that Anna isn’t the one Hinata likes. Anna lamely tells them that it is so. Princess says that it seems Anna is depressed. Ryuu says that she hasn’t heard Hinata said that himself so does he really like their teacher. Anna says that she hasn’t heard him say it but she knows. Princess says that it is better if she confirm it from Hinata himself. Princess tells Anna that maybe she is jumping into conclusion just like how Anna jumped into conclusion that Hinata likes her, too. Ryuu tells Princess to mind the way she is talking. Princess is surprised when Anna tells her to forget it, it doesn’t matter anymore because usually when she arrived at school, she is there before she knew it but today, this morning, it felt as if it’s a really long way to school that she couldn’t breathe. [As usual, she goes to school with her two friends.] “Before, I absolutely don’t have this kind of feeling. It would have been better if I didn’t involve this like[/love] feeling and everyone would just get along with each other.” Her friends just look at depressed Anna. Anna is surprised when Ryuu tells her to just give up. “Nobody is forcing you to like Hinata-kun. Since he doesn’t like you then, isn’t it better to just give up.” Princess asks Ryuu what she is angry about. Ryuu says that she isn’t angry and this isn’t bad. “Anyway, it will be term exam soon so isn’t it good for you to just concentrate on studying?” The teacher then blows the whistle at them and tells them to follow the rules on wearing a swimming cap. Anna wonders about giving up on liking Hinata. At the apartment, Sou is busy playing with his DS that he didn’t see where he is going. He ends up bumping on to a door. Anna sweatdrops. She asks Sou what he is doing there when the elevator door is already open. Sou greets her and mentions his surprise to see her. Anna tells him that it is very dangerous to walk while playing. Going in the elevator with Anna, Sou says that he recently bought this game that he wanted to play. “Lately, Hinata always has club activity so I’m quite free [/got nothing to do] while going home. This is what’s called as multi-tasking.” Anna mutters that is right because Mari doing the interviews has ended. Sou looks at her and asks, “Who, who is Mari?” Surprised, Anna exclaims that Kobayashi is that art club adviser. Sou says, “Ah- that person.” Anna continues to say, “Very cute, that teacher! There is also a nice smell from her body, and also, she is pretty..” Sou replies, “Really? I hate that person.” Anna is stunned-puzzled. Sou looks at her and says, “You should also hate her, right?” This surprises Anna. She denies it and says that she thinks that Mari is very cute. Sou just continues to walk away and says, “Ah-really-?” Anna is flustered by this. She thinks, “I think that she is very cute, really cute, but I don’t like her, and I also cannot like her. Even if I know that this is jealousy. She slams the door and lies down on the bed. “...very irritating, all very irritating..” She remembers Ryuu asking her to give up. “Yes, I should give up. It is very simple. I only need to pretend that all of this has never happened. If it is like that, even if Hinata likes sensei, it also doesn’t matter to me. I also won’t feel any kind of pain and everything will be just like before. Just like before” There is a scene of the three of them happily eating ice popsicles. “It will be alright, I can do this.”

The next day, Anna happily greets sleepy Hinata who is waiting outside the apartment. She says that it is a miracle [that he is there first]. Anna tells Hinata that Sou will definitely be late today because he has really submerge himself into that new game and he definitely played until it is almost morning before sleeping. Rubbing his eyes, Hinata says yes and so today, he did his best to wake up early. “We talked about an important matter halfway through. Who is the one whom you like?” Anna is surprised then goes into stunned-shock, after Hinata mentions Sou’s name when Sou has arrived. Sleepy Sou waves at them and greets them a good morning. He tells them not to mind him and just continue on with their conversation. Hinata says no and he’ll just continue that talk with Anna next time. Sou asks if he is being left out of something and it doesn’t make him happy. [I think Hinata is saying that he knows that feeling.] While the two guys are talking, Anna thinks, “Yes, it doesn’t matter even if Sou is here, I should just say it.” Anna puts on a smile and says, “I don’t like anyone. So regarding that thing, just forget about it. I’m sorry.” The guys look surprise. Hinata asks if that is so but why.. Anna says, “Because that person seems to like someone else, so I think that it doesn’t matter anymore..that’s all there is.” She turns around and prepares to leave. Hinata starts to stand up and says, “..but..” Sou looks serious and grabs Anna’s arm before she can leave. “Anna, turn around this way.” After a pause, Anna asks why. Sou shouts, “Enough, turn around!” He pulls her around and she is already flustered-teary-eyed. Sou mutters, “..are you an idiot?” He exclaims, “You’re crying, so don’t run away again!” Anna thinks, “I couldn’t breathe, it hurts..since I’m not the one whom Hinata likes, then I should give up. For me to be like this, is too appalling. But, Hinata who likes someone else won’t turn and look at me, and yet if I let it go, he won’t be aware of my feelings. What should I do..” Hinata looks surprised by all this. Sou is scowling while crying Anna says, “..shut up, what do you know~~~~” Sou mutters, “..I do not know..” He says that he didn’t know that she is this kind of person who lost her courage to like just because the one she likes, like someone else. Anna tells him not to say it so gently [easy-going manner]. Sou says, “Ah, is that so, then how about choosing me whom you can easily get? I can gently and considerately comfort you, stupid ojousama ♥” Anna is flustered and angry. She shouts, what, and isn’t he finished with what he is saying earlier when he doesn’t even know the person whom she likes. “Yet still..” She stops when she sees Sou just looking away with a serious look. She realizes that based on what Sou told her before that she ought to hate Mari, Sou already knows whom she likes.

Seeing Anna flustered and speechless, Sou turns around and starts walking. He says, “..then, the hindrance [himself] should first disappear [go ahead].” He stops walking when Anna says, “Not so, even if that is true, even if that is true, but it..it isn’t just Hinata whom I cherish..” Sou looks at her direction in surprise. Hinata then tells them that he totally doesn’t know what they are talking about and it feels as if he is cast at the side. Pointing at Anna, Sou screams, “That is! Anna is now going to announce as to who she likes.” Anna shouts, “Hey-!!! Were you listening to what I’ve said?! If you heard it, you should know what will happen if I said it!” Sou looks at her and says, that it is the same with him. [Ah, when he confessed before?] Anna is flustered as Sou urges her to say it. Hinata is totally puzzled. Anna looks at Hinata and calls out his name. Hinata says, yes. Anna then screams, “I like you! Even if you like Mari, I still like you! There I said it!” Blushing really red, Anna starts running away. Hinata looks totally stunned. Anna then turns around to look back. Sou notices this and smiles at her. While still running, Anna thinks, “Upon seeing Sou’s smiling face, my tears starts falling down again. Because I know, no matter which path I choose, we cannot go back once again to the past. Since we cannot go back, I’ll continue on holding to my feelings until the end. Even if I don’t know what will happen afterwards.” In school, Mochiduki notices a paper on the floor. It is Hinata’s aspiration form. She wonders if he has dropped it. The first choice is Azuma [東都] Art High School. Mochiduki asks Mari if there is such an Azuma Art High School. Mochiduki starts apologizing when Mari teases her about looking at the form without permission. Mari says that it is impossible for her not to let Mochiduki see it and it did so happen to fall down on the floor. Mari tells her that there is such a school. It is her alma mater but, it is a school that is outside of the county/city district.

Chapters 14-15: Walking at school, Anna lamely laughs that today is the release of their first term’s grades. Hinata asks didn’t she do her best during the midterm and term exams. Anna shouts that if one just works hard, then one can get high grades, then this world will definitely be more peaceful. Sou says that it seems that she said something that shouldn’t be said. Hinata sighs and says that Anna is too impulsive for she should become depressed after she has seen her grades. Anna exclaims that she doesn’t want to be depressed. Anna narrates that after shouting her confession to Hinata, even if there is some awkwardness, things ended into how they get along like before. And, before she knew it, it is already the closing ceremony. “Even if I had confessed, I had refused to hear his answer..” Flashback: Holding one of her ear and motioning him to stop, Anna told Hinata, “The answer (I already know it so,) no, thank you! Please let’s treat each other the same as usual!” End flashback. And so, starting tomorrow, it is summer vacation. After school that day, at the corridor near the window, Mochiduki apologizes to Anna regarding Hinata because she’s meddlesome. Anna says that it is alright. She tells Mochiduki not to mention about it anymore and the reason [for it] isn’t because she is rejected by Hinata. After a pause, Mochiduki replies, “But, I still think that there is no other girl who can win Hinata except for you.” Anna tries to insist that there is. Mochiduki exclaims, “What I’m saying is true! Because Tokura–kun..” They were interrupted when Mari happily butts in and asks what it is about, a love problem. Anna quickly backs away from Mari as Mochiduki greets Mari. Mari tells them that while walking at the corridor, she saw them talking so she came over and she heard about their love stories. Emitting dark energy, Anna glares at Mari as she thinks that she truly couldn’t tell Mochiduki that the person whom Hinata likes is that teacher whom Mochiduki is currently being friendly and getting along with. “She’s mature, beautiful, and also cute. I don’t even have one of her strong points..” She is shock-aghast when Mari suddenly turns around and smiles at her. Mari asks if Anna also has someone whom she likes. “And, the one you like is Tokura-kun, right?” Anna is totally stunned that Mari thinks that she is right. Mochiduki exclaims if her voice is too loud that they were overheard by Mari. Mari says no, but rather she is quite sharp regarding these things. “After all, I also guessed right as to whom you liked, right? Koshiro, have you already confessed? Just like how Mochiduki had gathered up her courage to do so.” Shaking in anger, Anna thinks, “Mature, beautiful and cute, but I couldn’t point it out what this person has that really infuriates me..” Seeing Anna like that, Mochiduki quickly changes the topic and tells Mari to help her open the art room because there are things that she wanted to put in since it will be summer vacation already. Mari says, okay. Mochiduki exclaims that they should go right away. Mochiduki bids Anna goodbye and see her in the next term. Anna is still thinking, “‘Have you confessed?’, you’re really meddling, slow-witted woman! Speaking of that, why is she citing Mochiduki-classmate as an example?! She should know that Mochiduki-classmate’s confession has been rejected by Hinata, right? I totally have no idea what she’s thinking. Darn, if it is Mochiduki-classmate whom Hinata likes then I can just let this go [/give up], but..I don’t want Hinata to be taken away by that kind of person! I will fight!”

While walking home alone, Anna thinks that since it is summer vacation, surely, Hinata won’t be able to see Mari. She figures that this is her opportunity to fill the gap that Mari has left. She wonders how to do it. “When I think about it, I don’t even know what type of girl Hinata likes..” She turns at the corner and becomes surprised to see Hinata walking ahead of her. She shouts his name that Hinata turns around to see her. Running to him, Anna asks what about club activity. Hinata says that there is no club today. Anna exclaims, “Is that so! Lucky ♪” Hinata asks what she is so happy about, are her grades good. Looking away, Anna says that question is a bit.. Hinata just says, is that so. Anna then gets an email on her phone from Mochiduki. “I’m really sorry that our conversation has stopped midway (>_<); I want to tell you that no matter who Tokura-kun likes, with regards to Tokura-kun, you are someone special. That is definitely the reason [/meaning of] why Tokura-kun doesn’t go to the art club’s practice every morning.” Anna is surprised as she mutters, “Morning practice?” She didn’t know that the art club has one and it is surprising that there is one. Hinata says that there isn’t one. Anna says but Mochiduki mentioned about it. After a while, Hinata seems to have remembered and says that the morning practice is studying for an [entrance] exam. He tells her that Mari said that they should also practice during the morning since they plan to enter an art [specialized] high school so they should properly practice drawing. Hinata is surprised when Anna screams, “Ah, what, art specialization?! There’s such a high school? Then, Hinata is going to that kind of high school?” Hinata tells her that there is only a small quota of students being accepted by the school so the competition is quite intense and he doesn’t know if he can pass the test or not. Anna can only say ‘is that so’, but she is really surprised to learn about this. She thinks that there is no way she can pass the entrance exam of that kind of school even if she doesn’t think that they can go into a same high school. Her thoughts are interrupted when Hinata calls her name. Anna starts laughing and exclaims that it is quite hard that drawing is part of the entrance exam. Hinata tells her that there are also normal questions. Anna shouts in surprise, “Really?! Then, it is doubly hard!” While slapping Hinata’s back hard, “But, is it alright for you to ditch morning practice? You should go to the practice before the deadline [of the entrance exams].” Anna is stunned when Hinata glares at her then turns around to walk ahead. He says that it is nothing, he can just practice at home.

Anna goes after him and asks if he is angry. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you that hard..” Hinata says that he isn’t angry. Anna nervously thinks that he is indeed angry. “What did I do wrong that made him angry? Does he hate morning practice that much? Why? But in the art room..[there is Mari]” She is surprised when Hinata stops and turns around towards her to say, “What you said is the same as what sensei and my parents said.” Anna looks blank and asks, ha? Hinata tells her, “Because I’ve decided that every morning I will still keep on going to school together with you and Sou. Going to school together!” Hinata exhales and pouts as he walks away. Anna thinks that he actually said that twice. “Compared to spending his mornings with sensei, he chose to the time for us three to be together. I’m very happy. Even if I’m very happy..but being like this is too headstrong, to go as far, as to want all of him [for myself].” Hinata is surprised when Anna grabs the back of his shirt. When he faces her, she exclaims, “What did you like about sensei?” Hinata asks, huh? Anna asks, “What type of girl do you like? Older? Tall? Feminine?” Hinata looks really nervous-aghast that he quickly runs away. Anna tries to call him to stop but Sou who is already standing beside her, asks, “Hey, hey, what does Anna like about Hinata? Hair that is like a cat’s? Always zoning out? What type of guy do you like?” Anna gloomily calls his name and asks when he arrived. Sou tells her that the more guys are forced, the more that they want to run away like how she wants to run away a moment ago. Anna tells him that she already has nothing to run away from and she isn’t hiding anything. Anna exclaims, “This summer, I’m going to do my best to shorten the distance between me and Hinata!” Sou replies, “Ah, really- Then, I’ll also do my best to shorten my distance with you.” Anna blankly asks it is okay even if he doesn’t do his best and there is also the [entrance] test.. Sou says, “Hey you..” He thinks that Anna deliberately changed the subject when she asks him if he has heard that Hinata is trying to get in an art high school. Trying to be happy about it, she says that it is the first time she heard that there is such a school and it seems that there is none near their apartment. “How much time does one need to go to that school?” She is puzzled when Sou didn’t reply. She is surprised when Sou asks, “Could it be that you have not heard about it yet?” Anna asks, heard what. Sou somewhat nervously tells her to ask the details from Hinata about this. While Sou is walking away, Anna wonders what Sou meant by that. “Forget it, it’s okay, I’ll just ask Hinata tomorrow--”

The next day, Anna’s alarm clock is ringing. She turns off the alarm and sees that it is already 12 o’clock. She thinks that she has to wake up even if it summer break but still, she is quite tired. Someone sits on her bed and says, “Good morning, honey ♥ Did you sleep well?” It is Mashiro. Anna screams really loud then exclaims why he is here and what’s going on. She asks if her mother asked him to be her tutor again but then, she already going to take some lectures in a cram school this summer. Mashiro says that isn’t it and he is going to go back to Tokyo after this. “Because during this summer break, Hinata will be staying over at my apartment, so I came to pick him up. But, I don’t know why but there is no one home at Tokura’s. Do you know where he went?” Anna says that she doesn’t know. She asks why Hinata would be living with him. Mashiro tells her that during summer break, Hinata will be going to an art cram school in Tokyo. “Wasn’t Hinata going to enter at an art school in Tokyo?” At room 301, Nagase residence, Sou looks at his phone and thinks that it is now three minutes. He can now eat his instant noodles. Just as he is about to eat, the door slams open and Anna calls out his name. Sou reprimands Anna about suddenly barging into other people’s house since she really shocked him. Anna exclaims, “Is it true that Hinata is going to Tokyo?!” Sou asks if she has asked Hinata himself. Anna tells him that she has heard it from Mashiro. Sou asks why Mashiro is here. Mashiro just sheepishly says that there is this and that. He asks Sou if he knows where Hinata is. Sou tells Mashiro that Hinata told him that he’s going to ride the Shinkansen and he just left. Mashiro is totally shock by this. He asks Sou to quickly give him Hinata’s phone number. While eating, Sou tells him that Hinata doesn’t have a cellphone. Still in shock Anna asks if it is true and Sou knows all about this. Anna becomes sad since they don’t hide secrets from each other. Mashiro pats Anna’s head and says, “Okay, come with me to Tokyo, Anna ♥” Anna blankly asks, what? Mashiro says that since Hinata already rode the shinkansen, then he should quickly return to Tokyo. “Weren’t you and Sou also on a summer break?” Anna says it isn’t that but why does she have to go. Mashiro asks doesn’t she want to quickly know the truth from Hinata’s own mouth. “If that is so~~~~then let us go--♪” They are now in Mashiro’s car. Anna tells him that she doesn’t have any money. Mashiro assures them that he will handle all of the expenses and the lodging at his apartment is also free. Anna says that isn’t the main point but rather, they haven’t told their parents about it. Mashiro says that it is fine, Anna’s mother really likes him and he’ll just call her parents as well as Sou’s later on, on the phone. Sou says that he’ll be fine and even if he lived for 2-3 days outside his house, no one would notice anyway. He then sees something at the side mirror chasing after them. Crying Beni shouts to Sou that she wants to go, too. Sou shouts at her not to run that fast while wearing high heels. Still crying, Beni continues to shout for them to bring her along. Anna tells Mashiro that Beni wants to go with them. Mashiro, Beni’s coldhearted brother, says that maybe Anna heard wrong and she is just imagining things. “Let us hurry--” Broom broom, the car goes faster. Beni can only shout, “Wah--!!! Brother, you jerk! I’m going to tell mom about this! Don’t come back here again!”

At some building, Hinata sits on the steps leading to the door as he ‘watches people passing by. He is surprised when someone calls out to him. It is Mashiro who comes out of his car. Mashiro says that it is a good thing that Hinata is there for he doesn’t know what to do if Hinata is lost. Masaya asks him if Hinata’s mother didn’t tell him that he is going to pick him up. Hinata replies that he hasn’t heard about it. It seems that Hinata’s mother didn’t tell him. Mashiro decides to drop the subject because after all, Hinata had arrived safely. Hinata says, “Compared to that, it seems that I’m seeing Sou and Anna..” Sou greets him while Anna is just looking away. At Mashiro’s apartment, Mashiro asks who is the one getting the last slice of pizza and it will be him. (Answering his own question) Sou asks Mashiro if he is really living in such a place since it is so luxurious and he’s really a ‘young master’. While eating his pizza, Mashiro asks, really for a lot of people in the university drives a foreign car whereas he only drives a locally made car because he feels conscientious about it. A note says that Mashiro is studying in medicine at a private university. Sou sweatdrops and doesn’t quite believe that Mashiro is conscientious. While Hinata is looking at Anna who is eating quietly, Mashiro says that since they’ve finished eating, he is going out because the truth is there is no four beds [in his place] but no worries, since there are places where a popular guy can stay. Sou says that no one is worried at all. He asks if there is a convenient store nearby because he has to buy something. Mashiro says there is so why don’t they go out together. Before going, Sou whispers to Hinata to honestly explain to Anna about that aspiration stuff. After they left, Anna promptly stands up and says that her mother wants her to call so she’s going out first. Anna goes out to the balcony. Hinata thinks that she did that deliberately. At the balcony, Anna is wondering how she is going to ask Hinata about the truth of everything. She is surprised when Hinata calls out her name as he joins her at the balcony. He apologizes to her for not telling her about that aspiration stuff. Anna looks somewhat sad/in the verge of tears but she just shakes her head. Hinata explains that it is because he is always hesitating and his parents also objected at the start. Anna looks at him and asks, “Have you already decided? Going to a school in Tokyo?” After a pause, Hinata says if he is able to pass [the entrance exam]. Anna is teary-eyed. She thinks, “Because I’m not a lover, so there is no vow. Because I’m not a family member, so there is also no blood relation. We are only just neighbors. Even if it is like that, I also feel that compared to others, I’m special, but even this little bit will also disappear. Then that is how I and Hinata..” Hinata looks surprised when Anna forces herself to smile and says, “..really, if it’s Hinata, of course you’ll pass. Gambatte.” The next scene is, Anna is no longer at the balcony. Hinata’s expression isn’t shown.

The next day, while Mashiro is washing something at the sink, he learns from Sou and Anna that they are going back. He tells them that he couldn’t drive them today because he has something to do. Sou says that it is alright, they will just ride the Shinkansen. He asks where Hinata is. Holding up a bento box, Mashiro exclaims that he already went to the art cram school when he [Mashiro] even made a bento [which he rarely does]. Sou is stunned that he asks why. Mashiro says that Hinata’s mother also made him as the one who’ll supervise Hinata’s nutrition. Mashiro tosses the bento box to Anna and tells them to bring it to Hinata while they are on their way. At Nakatani [中谷] Art Cram school, Hinata is sitting in a room alone. Someone comes in and asks if it is the first time he came there. At first it will be hard but the teachers there are really good so he can just relax and study there. “Tokura-kun will definitely have no problems.” Hinata didn’t reply. The person asks what’s up. Hinata says that he thinks that he should think about this a bit more. The other person asks, “What? Didn’t you really like to draw? Don’t you want to become better at it? ..I think that there is nothing to hesitate about.” Hinata didn’t reply again. The other person who turns out to be Mari who says, “Then, it cannot be helped. I’ll give you a spell to cheer you up.” Inside the art cram school, while looking for the room, Sou asks if this is really the place where Hinata is going to do his cram studies. “It feels very cold here. Will it really be alright?” Anna is lost in thought then she bumps into Sou. She shouts that it hurts. While telling Sou not to suddenly stop walking, she looks in the room to see what Sou is looking at. Inside the room, Mari seems to be talking to Hinata and touches his face. She then leans and gives him a kiss on the lips. Flashback: Hinata told Anna before, “Do you mean that if you can kiss me, it is also possible that you’ll also like me? Wrong, you’re really an idiot, Anna.” Mari smiles and says, “Have you cheered up?” Hinata looks blank-sad. Then, they look at the door since they heard something dropped and probably sounds of people running off. Only a bento box is left by the door on the floor. Mari says that someone was there and were they seen. Hinata says he doesn’t know. Just then a man comes in and calls out to Hinata. He apologizes for making Hinata wait and they can start now. The man then says that Mari also came. Mari says yes, she only showed up [?]. [I’m not sure where Hinata is looking if it is Mari and the man or at the door.] Then, he puts the back of his hand on his lips. [Is it to wipe the kiss off?]

In the streets, Sou and Anna stop as they are breathing hard from running. Thoughts are racing through Anna’s mind. “What was that? Just now.. Why is sensei there? They kissed right? Why? Hinata obviously said that he isn’t a prospective lover of the one he likes. And also, sensei is obviously supporting Mochiduki-classmate’s love [for Hinata]. I totally don’t understand, WHY..” Teary-eyed, Anna mutters, “Are Hinata and sensei going steady..” Irritated Sou asks, “Ha?” This surprises Anna. Sou continues, “You are really amazing. Your brain is really empty* Isn’t it developed yet?” [*idiom for vast flat land] Anna angrily shouts then what does he think of it. [Can’t quite read but it is something about grades so probably since Sou’s grades are good, maybe he has a better explanation] Sou tells her that Mari seems like she is around 24-25 years old. “A woman at that age, even if money isn’t considered, won’t be serious with some brat who doesn’t know anything about marriage.” [Cannot make sense of the other thing that Sou mentioned about how it could be possible if it’s guy-girl something.] After a pause, Anna then asks, why [would Mari do that]. Sou says that he doesn’t know and it shouldn’t have any special meaning to it. “But then, what Hinata thinks of that woman is all together another matter.” Anna starts walking back. Sou asks where she is going. Anna shouts back that she is going to see Mari. “I cannot go back like this!” Later on, Mari is walking at the streets. Her phone rings. She happily talks on the phone about it has been a long time, she is currently in Tokyo and she’ll return tomorrow. “Yes, I’m still working, after all, I’m a teacher (laugh). Let me say, if you have time..” She is surprised when someone grabs her and pulls her to an alley. She is surprised to see scowling Sou and Anna. Mari asks why they are there and are they on a trip [= sight-seeing]. Sou asks, “Do we look like we are on a trip? At this alley?” Mari giggles and says that is true, it doesn’t seem like it. Sou angrily thinks what’s so funny. Anna says that they were waiting for her. Mari looks surprised when Anna asks, “What is your relationship with Hinata? We saw that, a while ago..you and Hinata kissed.” Sou and Anna are surprised when Mari starts laughing and exclaims, “What! So, those people a while ago were you guys! It isn’t about having a relationship or not, that is just a ‘cheering up spell’ because it seems that Tokura-kun is really distressed. Regarding students, no matter who it is, I can do that, even if it is Koshiro or even Nagase-kun ♥” Anna looks surprised as she thinks, “What? This person..‘spell’? What does she mean that she can do that to any student, as if it is nothing?” Mari happily says, “Do you understand? So, it doesn’t mean that only Tokura-kun is special. Even if I’m saying it like this, I feel apologetic towards Tokura-kun.” Anna looks at her in disbelief while Sou somewhat lowers his head. Anna asks, “What did you mean by that?” Mari looks somewhat surprised as Anna thinks, “Could it, Could it be that this person..”

Mari replies, “Didn’t I mention it before? My sense for these kinds of things is very sharp.” To Mari’s surprise, this made Anna blow her top off. “This is too bewildering! Do you even know what you are saying?! Even if you already know Hinata’s feelings, yet you still did that?! And didn’t you even encourage Mochiduki-classmate to confess? Even if you already know that she will be rejected, you still encouraged her?!” After recovering from the surprise of Anna’s outburst, Mari smiles and tells Anna to calm down. Holding Anna’s arms, Mari says, “Regarding Mochiduki, I think that it is a waste for her to be always be secretly in love. Anna, you guys, perhaps might not still understand but to be rejected isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even if at that time, it is very painful but it can become a very good experience. It might even make one stronger. So..” With her head down, Anna thinks, “Don’t say anymore. I don’t want to hear about it.” Someone says, “Quit talking about that personal theory of yours, old hag.” Anna and Mari look at Sou who continues to say, “I feel like puking.” Shocked, Mari exclaims, “Ah, Nagase-kun! Unexpectedly calling a teacher an old hag..” Sou says, “Ah ah, sorry, fundamentally, you are a teacher, Right, sensei~~~” Then, Sou kicks the wall and somewhat corners Mari. He continues, “If you want to play with a younger guy, I can keep you company~~~ Can you please not seduce Hinata again? *putting on his best fake smile* Or else, I’ll beat you up even if you are an old hag.” Holding his hand to Anna, Sou says, “Okay, that’s all.” Mari tries to call Anna to wait. Anna holds Sou’s hand and looks angry at Mari before they walk away. Later on, at Mashiro’s place, Mashiro tells Hinata to give him the bento box so that he can wash it. Hinata is clueless about what bento box he is referring to. Mashiro says that he asked Anna and Sou to bring it to him. “Could it be that you didn’t get it?!” Hinata says, yeah. While continuing to wash the dishes, Mashiro complains what’s with those two and, weren’t they able to find the place. He says that it isn’t easy to copy Hinata’s mother’s super cute bento box [Not too sure about that line ^^;]. Hinata thinks out loud, “Speaking of that, the cram school teacher seems to say about not knowing as to who drop a bento box by the corridor..” He then realizes who it was. Riding at the Shinkansen, Sou seems to be resting-sleeping while Anna is just looking out the window. Anna then says out loud that Hinata will be in Tokyo throughout summer. “This year, the three of us cannot go together and watch the fireworks display...” Remembering Mashiro telling her about Hinata planning to go to an art high school in Tokyo, she thinks, “‘This year’, it won’t be limited to this year only.”

The scene changes to Anna’s mother who looks irritated. In Anna’s room, she tells Anna that she is a bit happy that Anna has been studying always ever since the start of the summer vacation. “But, you should study more cheerfully!” Looking somewhat depressed, Anna asks why it should matter for isn’t she studying. Her mother shouts that this isn’t about ‘just doing it and it’s fine’. “Basically, after summer training is over, you’re always cooped up in the house! At least go out and breathe some fresh air, right?! If this keeps up, your body won’t be strong until the exams!” Anna thinks as to who is the one who made her to keep on studying. Her mother exclaims if she will be going to the fireworks display today. Anna says that it isn’t definite that she will be going. Her mother sighs and tells Anna that she had prepared her yukata and she will be putting it on the bed. Anna is surprised that her mother isn’t listening to her. She looks at the yukata where Coco is sitting nearby. She thinks that fireworks display is.. Ding dong. She is surprised to see Sou and Hinata coming to get her. Sou says that Anna is too slow and hasn’t she dressed up yet. Coco happily jumps to Hinata. At some fenced place, they watch the fireworks. Anna mentions that Hinata came. Hinata says that he just arrived and there are classes again [school opening] on the day after tomorrow. Anna says, really. Hinata looks at the fireworks and says, and, he wants to see the fireworks today. Anna looks surprised at him. Sou complains that it is hot and he would want to drink something. They played jakenpon as to who will buy the drinks. Paper-paper-stone and Sou lost. Anna happily says that she wants water while Hinata says that he wants tea. After Sou left, Anna laughs and says that Sou is so stupid because until now, Sou still couldn’t change that habit of his of always start with a ‘stone’ during the game. Hinata smiles at her then asks about the progress of her studies. Anna is aghast by that question. She tells him that she really did her best to the point that her mother is bothered that she is always staying at home. Hinata laughs and asks if that is true. Anna sighs and says, ya that no matter what she does, her mother is still angry. She then asks Hinata about his art cram studies. Hinata laughs and says that it is really fun and everyone is really good that he feels that he is the most inferior of them all. Anna couldn’t believe it. Hinata says that even if he is frustrated, he is still happy since he is always trying to find ways on how to draw better. Anna looks surprised-sad when Hinata somewhat happily says that for the first time, he thinks that sleep is a waste [of time] even if he is really tired. Anna just lamely says, really. Hinata looks at her and says, “Anna, the day when you return here, did you go to the [art] cram school?” Anna looks shocked. Then, she says if he is talking about that bringing bento box to him which Mashiro asked them to. “But because Hinata and Kobayashi-sensei..in the classroom..did you and sensei arranged to meet each other?” Hinata looks down which somewhat flustered Anna. She wonders why he is silent about this. Anna says, “...about that thing..let it be..that person originally doesn’t even like you! That person said that the kiss she gave you is just a spell. If it is a student, no matter who it is, she can do it. Isn’t that really weird?! That person is just playing around with your feelings! Do you really like that person? Why don’t you wake yourself up!” More fireworks light up the sky. After some silence, Hinata says, “Ya..I think you are right. But, I’m..always been awake. I didn’t arrange to meet with that person, she only came to see her boyfriend. Perhaps that lecturer at the cram class is her boyfriend. Seeing me is just for her convenience.” Anna looks surprised as she thinks, “During this short period of not seeing you, you had grown taller [/grew up] again. It is as if you are not like the Hinata that I used to know.” Hinata tells her, “Because I’m kissed, that person will also like me. I do not have such a wild wish [like that]. You are really an idiot, Anna.” Afterwards, Sou returned and asks where Anna is. While his face isn’t shown, Hinata says that Anna left. Sou asks why and how Hinata could let her go by herself since it is dangerous. Face still not shown, Hinata just says, “Ya..I’m sorry..” Anna is walking away alone, crying. Narration: “The summer break when I was 14 years old, during the traditional fireworks display..this is the last time I ever talked with Hinata during my junior high.”

Translator's Commentary: Just when I thought everything will be alright, everything ends this way and it seems that she is going to lose a friend. Is the author trying to show that things change as we grow? Well, Anna’s wish for them to be always be together forever is quite naive in a way. Reality is harsh. Just when I thought this series is all about love triangle between childhood friends, it is becoming like a story of growing up and separating from your childhood friends as they find their own paths. Maybe a more mature love life at the side, too. I also wondered if this series is going to be a long one. Anna’s last narration seems to imply that there might be a high school arc. If not, junior high won’t be the same without Hinata. Well, it is now Sou who is caught in between even if he now has a chance with Anna. I can really empathize with Anna. It really sucks to be the last one to know. It’s like you thought you are close with someone then everyone else knows about it already and you don’t. Everything is happening so fast that it can really be draining emotionally. It probably suck up all her ‘liveliness’ throughout summer that her mother seems to be somewhat bothered by it. Unfortunately, her mother thinks that Anna will be okay if she goes out. I’m really hoping that the reason why Anna is naive/clueless and everything because the author will show how she will become mature because of all of this. Ironically, that is exactly what Mari is telling Anna about ‘pain/rejection’ can give experience and become stronger. What Mari is doing wrong because she is forcing it. It is really mean to ‘play around’ with her students’ feelings in the guise that it will help them grow. Geez, I wonder if she somehow brainwashed Hinata and took advantage of the fact that he likes her. She did use Mochiduki’s trust in her as a confidant to teach Mochiduki ‘the pain of rejection’ and grow from it. I wonder how Mochiduki will react if she learns about this. Even after Sou shouted at her, it seems that Mari still think that she didn’t do anything wrong. I like what Sou did here even if it is disrespectful to the elders. Well, Mari is playing around with his best friend’s feelings and rubbing salt on the wounds of the girl he likes by trying to justify the things she is doing so Sou has had enough. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and well, probably since his family is always not at home, they are the only ones he has aside from his games. =P

Even if I’m somewhat assuming that Hinata likes Mari is a sure thing but there are times when I wonder if he really likes her or well, I’m wishfully thinking that he actually likes Anna but he just doesn’t want to be a hindrance to Sou so he is going for Mari or infatuated with her and decides to leave to Tokyo because he doesn’t want to see and be in love with Anna. ^^; Is his hesitance to go because of wanting to be with his friends or just Anna? He also got angry at Anna because he wanted to spend his morning with them instead of art class with Mari. I’m wondering if he is waiting for Anna to tell him not to go and he won’t. As a friend, Anna is also in a pinch whether to cheer for him to do his best in something he is talented in or be selfish and want him to be with her and Sou always. She seems to be opting for the former that is resulting to some friction with Hinata. Is he thinking that she is ‘driving him away’ or he feels that it is okay for her if he isn’t with them? And, he really does sound mature at the last part because it seems to be that he still likes Mari even if she already has a boyfriend. He isn’t swayed by kisses and believes that it doesn’t automatically mean that it is ‘like/love’. Hinata did mention this before but Anna who is somewhat used to being pampered, this is really harsh. I’m also guessing that for innocent Anna, this is something she couldn’t reconcile about kissing without feelings of love, as if it isn’t something special or a big deal. No wonder she feels that he isn’t the Hinata she knows. He has lost his innocence..probably thanks to Mari. On a side note, it is a pleasant surprise that Mashiro made an appearance again. Hehe, he really likes to bully his sister. It makes me wonder why he dotes on Anna more compared to his own sister. Mashiro really cares for Anna with all the things he is doing for her. Is it because he grew up with them? I hope to see more of him ^^

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your summary :)
And I think it's somewhat funny when special guy always has his first love with a girl older than him ' '

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for the summaries!
I really want Hinata to end up with Ana...! I hate Mari - Ohmigosh, what a horrible teacher. Sou did the right thing by threatening her. I would have probably done the same thing.
I get the feeling that Hinata doesn't really like Mari, or that he just kind of liked her. o.o I can't explain it...it's just a feeling.
Or maybe it's because I really want Ana to end up with Hinata. Although I absolutely LOVE Sou. Maybe it's because I can't seem him with Ana at all.

I'm so glad this manga isn't just a love triangle about childhood friends. I was really disappointed when I first saw the summary but now I'm glad I read it (=

Thanks again for all your hard work!

Anonymous said...

im confused... Hinata likes the old fart??

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OMG thank you for your summary !!! it's difficult for me to speak english and I learn some words !!! thank you ^^

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I'm really confused.
So did Hinata REALLY LIKED THE Teacher? O_O
But thanks for summarizing [;

Anonymous said...

omg hinata really likes that sensei?!!!! oh how about anna ? :(

Anonymous said...

That was intense man!!!
Gah!!! What a complicated love triangle... I can see this story becoming more tragic.. sorta like Suki Desu Suzuki Kun....
I'm so... ugh right now

Anonymous said...

thank you so much!!! why does hinata like that sensei? in the beginning i wanted her to end up with sou, and then i wanted it to be hinata, and then sou, so im confused o.o usually, i know who it's going to be, but in this one, i dunno.

Anonymous said...

whew.. thanks a lot for the summaries ^^, i just read stardust wink this night and i really liked it. the manga chapters were only until 14, fortunately i found the 15th, but i had no luck with the 16th. then i found this. thank you so much. i really like this manga. i can just feel how ana is feeling. i even started feeling hot uneasy when ana was confessing to hinata. it felt like i was the one confessing cuz in some sense i really think that's what i'd do if i were her. the fact that you cant face it but you're barely holding on that you'd feel like you'd burst. (-_-) anyways i like your Translator's Commentary section. i just realized some stuff i wouldn't normally see. hehe your quite keen. thanks a lot again. =]

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